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Discover Zip

Position yourself for the future: contactless payments.

  • Give your cardmembers more reason to make your card first in wallet
  • Lets cardmembers keep their payment device in a more convenient place—like cell phones or keychains, leading to increased usage
  • Increase security of transactions—minimize exposure to fraudulent activity by using built in encryption/ secret key technology.
  • Greater transaction volume due to ease of use and convenience for cardmembers
  • Increases speed at checkout

Discover Zip lets cardmembers simply tap or wave their card, a keychain fob, or even a sticker on their cell phone to pay. It comes with the highest standard of security measures, as you’d expect from Discover, and even increases security, because the payment form factor never leaves cardmember’s hands. Contactless payments are the future, and Discover Zip helps you take the first step.


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