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Fraud Prevention

We’re there with you in the fight against fraud.

Help protect your cardmembers and your profits through our multi-layer fraud prevention programs and services.

Contact a relationship manager to

Contact a relationship manager to

  • Card Identification Data (CID)

    The three-digit CID provides an additional layer of security to ensure the card was in the possession of the cardholder at the time of purchase.
  • Code 10: Suspicious Situations

    Merchants who become suspicious during a card present transaction can phone in a Code 10 authorization request, which alerts the issuer and protects the cardholder. Our automated authorization line will automatically connect the merchant to the appropriate issuer.
  • Address Verification Services (AVS)

    To limit fraud on Card Not Present transactions, we require merchants to capture the cardholder’s address for verification.
  • 100% Authorization Requirement

    We protect profits by requiring authorization on all transactions.
  • Address Change Notification

    Address Change Notification (ACN)

    Minimizes the risk of account takeover fraud. Merchants requesting an AVS in the authorization message are sent an ACN. The ACN indicates the number of days since the last cardholder billing address change, if the change was within the last 45 days.
  • Stand-in Functionality

    Stand-in Functionality

    Assists participating issuers with providing merchants authorizations when systems are down.
  • Card Verification Value (CVV)

    Card Verification Value (CVV)

    A unique value encoded on the magnetic stripe by the issuer provides protection against counterfeit cards.
  • Fraud Prevention Associations

    Fraud Prevention Associations

    We’re members of several key anti-fraud associations, including:

    The International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators:
    Fraud Reduction Committee:

  • Fraud Prevention Seminars

    Fraud Prevention Seminars

    Discover also sponsors seminars and lectures
    on fraud prevention. To learn more,
    call 1-800-347-6634.
Fraud Help Desk
To speak with a fraud specialist call 1-800-347-3083
Security Resources
We strengthen our fight against fraud by collaborating with the other major card networks and organizations.
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