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Frequently Asked Questions by Merchants

Why should I accept Discover?

Consumers enjoy the convenience of shopping with their preferred payment method.  Acceptance of our card brands means increased sales and revenue and a better customer experience for your patrons.

How do I begin accepting Discover?

Contact your bank or financial institution that services your business relationship.   You may also choose from the list of Acquirers published here on our website.

What is an Acquirer?

An Acquirer is the merchant bank or financial institution that will process Discover network transactions.

What are the merchant fees associated with accepting Discover?

The Acquirer determines merchant fees associated with Discover acceptance.   Generally, they should be similar to those fees paid for acceptance of other card brands.

Do merchant fees vary by business or industry?

The Acquirer may determine to segment merchant fees by industry or merchant category.  Examples of, Discover network categories include:  Retail, Supermarket, Warehouse Club, Restaurant, Convenience/Quick Service, eCommerce/Card-not-Present, Automated Fuel Dispenser, Service Station, Lodging, Auto Rental, Passenger Transport, Government Services, Schools & Education, Insurance, Real Estate and Utilities.

Which global card brands can I accept?

Discover’s global strategic alliances open new opportunities for merchants to serve foreign customers as they travel to the U.S. You can open your business to worldwide spending opportunities with these global brands:
  • Diners Club International- 50+ Franchisees/80+ Licensees, Upscale Customers.
  • JCB- 3.4MM Japanese tourist spent $14.68Bn in 2010 in U.S.
  • Union Pay-1MM Chinese visitors have spent $5Bn.
  • BCcard- 1MM+ Korean travelers to the U.S. in 2010 spent $3.4Bn.
  • DinaCard- Largest acquiring network in Serbia.

Where can I get a decal to show which brands I can accept?

Discover offers a variety of solutions to announce your acceptance of Discover at the door, point-of-sale, and elsewhere.  Go to to order your free signage and supplies.

What is Discover Zip?

Discover Zip lets customers simply tap or wave their card, a keychain fob, or even a sticker on their cell phone to pay. It comes with the high standard of security measures you expect, and even increases security, because the payment form factor never leaves the customer’s hands. Contactless payments are the future, and Discover Zip helps you take the first step.

What is Cash Over?

Cash Over allows you to service customers by letting them get cash back at the register—even from credit cards. Cash Over gives your cardmembers convenience, and leads shoppers to spend more than twice as much as the average ticket.  With Cash Over, you can strengthen customer preference and build loyalty. Only Discover offers no fee Cash Over on credit cards.

What are Recurring Payments?

Discover Recurring Payments saves your customer’s time and hassle by providing an automatic payment method for recurring and installment charges. Bills are paid automatically, creating convenience for your customers and efficiencies for you. It’s also an easy way for your business to increase retention, improve customer satisfaction and reduce operational expenses.

How can I learn more about the products and services Discover offers?

Visit to learn more.
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