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Fraud & Security

Protecting you and your customers is our top priority.

Access tools, resources and strategies to help protect your business, your customers and your data from fraud and criminal activity.

Contact your acquirer to

Contact your acquirer to

  • Fraud Protection

    Fraud Protection 

    We will help educate you and your staff in the best ways to recognize and prevent fraud before it happens, and arm you with tools and support to manage when it does.

    Card Identification Features

    Identify the security features built right into every Discover card.
  • Data Security

    Data Security 

    Maintaining the security of your transaction data is of the utmost importance. Here you will find everything you need to stay up to date on PCI compliance rules and regulations.

    PCI Overview

    In order to help protect the integrity of cardholder data, Discover requires all merchants to remain PCI compliant.

  • Card Present Transactions

    Learn effective strategies to prevent fraud when you’ve got the card in hand.
  • Discover Information Security & Compliance (DISC)

    A program to help you implement best practices, secure data and protect your brand.
  • Card Not Present Transactions

    Recognize suspicious behaviors and common risks for sales when the card is not present such as online or by telephone.
  • Acquirer’s Merchant Portfolio Compliance

    Acquirers are required to submit a report of their merchant portfolio’s compliance to Discover Network twice per year.  It is the responsibility of the acquirer to ensure that its merchants are following the appropriate Discover requirements for validating and reporting their compliance status.
  • Fraud Prevention FAQ

    Get helpful answers to the most common questions about how you and your employees can recognize and prevent fraud.
  • Identifying Your Merchant Level

    Find out what merchant level your business corresponds to and determine your compliance validation and reporting requirements.
  • Determining Validation and Reporting Requirements

    Once you’ve determined your merchant level, it’s easy to find out your validation and reporting requirements.
  • Performing a PCI DSS Compliance Assessment

    Determining your compliance includes testing business facilities, system components, and verifying security of third-party service providers.
  • First-Time PCI Compliance Assessments

    If you’re performing a PCI DSS assessment for the first time, here are tools and resources to provide guidance and assistance.
  • Tools to Assist with Assessments

    Access tools and resources to provide guidance and assistance for undergoing your PCI DSS assessment.
  • Service Provider Compliance

    All service providers, including acquirers, processors and gateway providers who process, store or transmit Discover Cardholder data are required to report their compliance. 
  • Providing the Compliance Documents

    All PCI compliance documentation must be submitted to Discover via hardcopy or electronically. 
  • Education and Training

    Browse the educational and training materials we make available to help you understand the compliance assessment process and your place in it.
Intellectual Property Right-Holders
To report an internet Merchant’s misuse of Intellectual Property, please email Please see the Fraud Prevention FAQ section above for more information.
Data Security Help Desk
To report a data compromise or cardholder breach, please call 1-800-347-3083
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