Chip Technology (EMV)

Resources for accepting global chip-enabled cards

How chip card migration impacts your business

Chip technology, or EMV, is the global standard for secure card-present transactions—generating unique data for every transaction to help reduce in-store fraud and build loyalty. Make sure your terminals are enabled to start doing business with our 52+ million cardholders.

Discover® Global Network Chip Technologies

D-Payment Application Specification (D-PAS)

D-PAS is our chip card (EMV)-compliant smart-card payment solution for both contact and contactless payments. Our Discover Global Network cards are issued using D-PAS across all regions of the world.

Chip and Signature

Our U.S. chip-enabled cards will require signature after transaction.

Chip and PIN

Many of our chip-enabled cards outside of the U.S. require a PIN after transaction.

Easy implementation

Works with any POS terminal that accepts software updates. It is also optional.

Works with Contactless Payments

Cardholders can pay using plastic cards or their digital devices.

Prepare your business to accept our cardholders

You could be liable for fraudulent transactions if your chip-enabled terminals don’t process chip transactions. Here’s how to make sure you’re ready and protected.

Contact Your Processor

If you’re not sure, contact your processor about enabling your terminal to accept D-PAS.

Educate Staff

Explain how to accept chip and signature vs. chip and PIN to all those processing transactions.

Be Aware of Other Fraud

Anticipate a likely shift to card-not-present fraud, specifically via the internet, mail order, and telephone.

Educational materials for business owners

Secure Transactions from U.S. Tourists

Download PDF

International POS Cheat Sheet

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Discover Contactless and Mobile Payments

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Contactless D-PAS Overview

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Contactless D-PAS for Terminal Vendors

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Let's Get to Work

Acquirers, contact us for details about D-PAS enablement. Merchants, please contact your processor.

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