PCI Compliance

Providing compliance documents

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For merchants, acquirers or service providers, all PCI compliance documentation, portfolio compliance worksheets, and extension requests must be submitted to Discover via one of the following methods:


Electronic copies may be submitted to DISCCompliance@discover.com

Note: Please send an email to DISCCompliance@discover.com to request a PGP public key or set up a secure email connection. Please be sure to send the documentation in any format other than a ZIP file.

Hard Copy

Please deliver all PCI-related documents to the following address:

DFS Services LLC

Discover Network-Data Security

2500 Lake Cook Road

Riverwoods, IL 60015

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Contact Our Data Security Team

To report a data compromise or cardholder breach, call 1-800-347-3083. Or contact us for any compliance-related questions.
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