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Why you should partner with Discover® Global Network

You want more international customers. We’ve got 52+ million1 of them. Together we can help you grow your revenue, in-store or online, with access to higher-spending loyal cardholders. All you need to do is accept Discover Global Network.

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1. The Nilson Report #1085, May 2016

Benefits of acceptance

Grow Revenue

As the third most widely accepted payments network in the world1, we’re able to provide access to a world of global customers.

Access 52+ Million Cardholders2

Our loyal cardholder base is growing – and so are your business opportunities.

Easy Acceptance

Any size business can start accepting through your acquirer or Diners Club Franchise.

Gain Online Shoppers

Grow your business online by easily accepting the cards used worldwide by cross-border shoppers.

  • 1. Global Payment Cards Data and Forecasts to 2020 – Regional Comparison, Retail Banking and Research (RBR), July 2015
  • 2. The Nilson Report #1085, May 2016
  • *UnionPay not accepted in Asia Pacific, Canada, or the Caribbean with the exception of the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.

Open your business to the global economy

When you accept Discover Global Network, you can also securely receive payments from multiple cards running on our network. That not only allows you to do business with international tourists but also opens you to online cross-border spend.

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Chances are, your terminal is already able to start accepting cards on our network.

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Signage and Supplies

Let local and global customers know you’re ready for their business with supplies and free signage.

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Fraud Prevention

Protect your business from fraud. Review all of the security features of international cards.

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Let customers know you’re ready for their business with free acceptance signage for in-store display or your online checkout.

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Chip Card (EMV) Resources

Ensure your store can accept Discover Global Network chip cards.

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Industry Perspectives

Gain insights on a range of topics including mobile payments and small business tips.

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Join Discover Global Network and find out what a powerful global payments partner can do for your business.

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