Chip Cards (EMV) for Business Owners

How to accept chip cards and contactless payment

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Upgrading your terminals to accept chip cards may help protect your business and customers against in-store card fraud. As a result of the EMV fraud liability shift, merchants who transition to chip technology may be less likely to bear the responsibility for fraudulent in-store card transactions.

Plan your move to chip technology

1 Upgrade Your Terminal

Reach out to all of your payment service providers to understand their chip technology readiness, as well as what actions and certifications they'll require from you. Providers include your terminal providers, software vendors, gateways, processors and/or acquirers.

2 Train Your Employees

Employees should be able to identify a chip card and walk your customers through completing a transaction.

Card Acceptance Procedures

Chip cards require the card to be inserted into the reader and will have new prompts for both customers and cashiers. If a chip card does not work, the card can still be swiped.

Lost and Found

The new process requires the card to stay in the terminal while the transaction is being completed, so customers may leave their card behind. Update your lost-and-found procedures accordingly.

3 Educate Your Customers

Customers should be aware of the new checkout process.

Card Removal Reminders

Display point-of-sale materials to remind customers to remove their cards after the transaction.

In-Store Awareness

Inform your customers that you accept chip cards with in-store communications.

Social Media Awareness

Social media is another way to let your customers know you now accept chip cards.

Chip card technology solutions and resources

Discover® Quick Chip Streamlines Checkouts

Support of Discover Quick Chip provides another option to reduce the amount of time a chip card remains in the terminal.

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