D-PAS and Discover® Quick Chip solutions

Providing seamless in-store transactions

We continue to adapt our chip card solution, D-Payment Application Specification (D-PAS), to help support a secure and seamless checkout experience. Explore our current solutions and how they can help protect your business and improve the customer experience.

D-Payment Application Specification (D-PAS)

D-PAS is the Discover® EMV-compliant smart-card payment solution for both contact and contactless payments. Millions of D-PAS chip cards are issued by Discover, Diners Club International®, PULSE® and other network-to-network partners. Migrating to a chip card-enabled terminal can help ensure that you can take advantage of the security benefits.

Global Standard

EMV, or chip technology, is the global standard for processing in-store transactions, implemented in more than 80 countries.1

1. The Strawhecker Group

Harder to Duplicate

The chip helps prevent card cloning by validating that it is genuine every time it’s used, making it more secure than traditional in-store magnetic stripe transactions.

Global Interoperability

Ensure the card is accepted globally for a seamless payment experience.

Discover® Quick Chip

Perception in the U.S. is that chip transactions are slower than magnetic stripe transactions, primarily driven by the amount of time the chip card remains in the terminal. Support of Discover Quick Chip provides another option to merchants looking to streamline the checkout process by reducing the amount of time the card is in the terminal.

Improved Checkout

Perceived faster checkout could improve your customer’s experience.

Easy to Implement

Works with any POS terminal that accepts software updates and all Discover-issued chip cards.

Supports Payment Types

Discover Quick Chip and contactless payments can coexist to support a variety of cardholder preferences.

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Acquirers and Integrated Payment Providers, contact us for details about D-PAS or Discover Quick Chip enablement. Business owners, please contact your acquirer or payment processor for assistance with chip card acceptance.

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