Chip Cards (EMV) for Integrated Payment Providers

Enhance your business by offering chip technology to your merchants

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Move your business forward by supporting contact and contactless chip transactions. As the payments industry continues its transition to chip technology, we can help prepare you and your merchants for chip cards.

Getting Prepared for Chip Card Deployment


Talk to Your Acquirer/Processor

Contact your acquirer/processor and payment service providers to see if they're ready for contact and contactless payments, and learn how you can start preparing for your upgrade to chip technology.


Select the Right Terminals

Consider terminal options that may help reduce the number of certifications required and allow you to support your customers' future needs, which may include contactless payments, PIN, rewards, and loyalty. Terminals that accept software updates may also provide new opportunities for advancements like Discover® Quick Chip.


Review the Checkout Experience

Educate yourself and your merchants on how to process chip card and contactless transactions, and help provide your customers with a convenient checkout experience.

How Chip Technology Works

Learn more about chip technology and how to process a transaction to ensure a smooth checkout experience in your store.

Guides and forms for a smooth transition

EMV Test Card Form

Complete the EMV Test Card Form to receive one Discover EMV Production Validation Card and one JCB EMV Production Validation Card.


Chip card technology solutions and resources

Discover® Quick Chip Streamlines Checkouts

Support of Discover Quick Chip provides another option to reduce the amount of time a chip card remains in the terminal.

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Educate your merchants on chip card best practices—and give them the resources to get customers up to speed, too.

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