Chip Cards (EMV) for Issuers

Educate your cardholders on the benefits of chip cards

Prepare a holistic cardholder communication strategy. Discover® and PULSE® provide resources and best practices to help accelerate your shift to chip cards.

Best practices for communicating to cardholders

Use Clear Language

Use customer-friendly language when describing chip technology—say “chip card” instead of EMV.

Provide Visual Instruction

Offer visual aids to demonstrate how to use chip cards in card readers and at the ATM.

Share the Benefits

Convey how the added security of chip cards helps protect against in-store card fraud.

Tell the Global Story

Describe how chip cards provide greater convenience for global travelers.



Learn more about best practices for chip card messaging.


How to Use Chip Cards

Use this video to inform your cardholders about the benefits of chip cards and how they work at point-of-sale and ATM terminals.

Additional Resources from PULSE

An Introduction to EMV

PULSE Product Manager, Bryan Manka, explains the benefits of chip cards to cardholders and financial institutions.

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Best Practices in Chip Card Communication

Watch a presentation on how to effectively communicate chip card use to your loyal cardholders.

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Chip Card FAQs

Educate your front-line staff on how to talk to consumers about chip card technology.*

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EMV/Chip Card Transition: Planning Ahead for a Holistic Cardholder Communication Strategy

Access PULSE’s whitepaper on effective chip card communication strategies and implementation.


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