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E-Commerce fraud prevention

A comprehensive approach to reducing fraud online—from purchase to fulfillment.

Discover® ProtectBuy

Discover ProtectBuy adds a layer of protection for online transactions by validating the customer's identity at the time of purchase, only requiring a one-time-use password for risky transactions, which helps improve cardholder confidence.

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Discover® Verify+

Discover Verify+ is the only product that compares customer transaction information with data on file with Discover Card to notify merchants whether the information matches. That way, they can make more informed decisions and approve more transactions.

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Discover® Fraud Alerts

Discover Fraud Alerts notifies merchants when customer-confirmed fraud occurs so that they can take corrective action. Merchants are able to quickly cancel shipments and refuse future orders to prevent losses and reduce fraud-related chargebacks.

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Internet PIN Debit

Internet PIN Debit offers a card-not-present transaction option that reduces chargebacks and fraud through online PIN entry. Using PaySecure® technology from Acculynk, cardholders can safely, quickly, and easily use their PIN debit cards online.

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In-store protection

Welcome to the global standard for securing transactions in-store.

D-PAS, the Discover EMV specification based on global EMVCo standards, enables Discover chip card acceptance to help reduce in-store fraud. Unlike other card brands, we provide comprehensive tools and support to guide you through your EMV migration.

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Mobile security

An additional layer of protection for mobile transactions
Discover® Tokenization

Discover® Tokenization sends sensitive PAN data to a more secure location where it is authorized by issuers and acquirers. It is then replaced with a unique token number for each transaction, making it meaningless to anyone unauthorized to access it.


Fraud management tools for issuers and acquirers

Discover® Account Incident Manager

Discover Account Incident Manager (AIM) is a web portal that provides a single point of access to real-time incident information. AIM provides up-to-date details and activity for each case and proactively alerts users as each case changes.

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Discover® Merchant Control

Discover Merchant Control, a merchant validation tool, provides early notification of fraudulent and non-compliant merchants. Because of the notifications, acquirers can make informed decisions about the merchants they choose to partner with.

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