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Why you should partner with Discover Global Network

You want to ensure your merchants can welcome more customers and allow them to pay any way they want. We offer access to 52+ million1 global cardholders, plus resources that enable seamless checkout at POS, online or via mobile. Together, we can help you and your merchants do more business by supporting all forms of cardholder acceptance.

1. The Nilson Report #1085. May 2016

Why your merchants should accept Discover Global Network

Comparable, Low Transaction Costs

Discover transactions should be the same or competitive, compared to Visa and MasterCard.

No Extra Work

Your merchants are already set up to accept Discover Global Network. Acceptance is included in every acquirer merchant ID that is issued – by contract.

One Combined Statement

Your merchants will continue to receive one combined merchant statement that includes all of the networks they accept. They can also use the same customer service number for assistance.

What acceptance means to your business

New IIN (BIN) Ranges for More Revenue

We currently have more than 30 partners issuing our cards – and we’re growing. This means more spend opportunities for you.

One Network, Multiple Global Cards

When your merchants accept Discover Global Network, they also accept global cards including Diners Club International®, JCB®, UnionPay®, BCcard®, Dinacard® and Rupay®.
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Billions in Spending Opportunity

Our millions of global cardholders offer $312 billion3 in spending opportunity – that’s just too much to leave on the table.

3. Discover Financial Services Annual Report 2015

Non-acceptance can cost you and your merchant money

37 percent of Discover card users who have had their card rejected due to non-acceptance have not returned to that merchant in the past 30 days.4

24 percent of U.S. consumers abandon their shopping cart when their preferred payment option is not offered.5

4. C+R Research “Consumer Research About Perceived Acceptance,” 2014 5. UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper, March 2015

We can help you bring your payments ideas to life

When you partner with us, you gain the strength of a global network with the proven capabilities and flexibility to help you bring new payments solutions to market.
Global Reach

We’re the third-largest payments network3 with acceptance in 185 countries and territories.

Innovative Outlook

We harness the power of collaborative thinking to move your business forward.

Scale and Capabilities

Our flexible, hardworking solutions are designed to evolve as your needs change.

Partner-Focused Collaboration

We collaborate with you to find solutions that bring your unique vision to life.

3. By merchant acceptance. Global Payment Cards Data and Forecasts to 2020 (RBR)

Resources to help you partner with your customers

Signage and Logos

Help merchants attract customers at first glance by downloading card brand logos for your online merchants and ordering logo signage for your in-store merchants.

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IIN (BIN) Compliance

Gain a competitive advantage and avoid lost revenue opportunities by verifying your IIN (BIN) tables.

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Test Card Kits

To get an integrated partner developer test card kit, please call 1-800-951-0633 or email

Chip Card (EMV) Resources

Access materials you need to ensure you and your merchants are ready to accept chip cards.

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Industry Perspectives

Gain insights on a range of topics including emerging technologies and chip cards.

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Industry Perspectives

We’re Here to Partner with You

Contact us to learn more about test card resources, incentives to help upsell, compliance materials, retention programs, or new products and services to maximize sales. To reach us, call 1-800-951-0633 or email

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