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Why AribaPay

AribaPay is a cloud-based B2B payables solution that combines electronic payments with comprehensive remittance data. Powered by SAP and Discover Global Network, AribaPay helps corporations improve payables efficiency and facilitates transparent, timely communications between buyers and suppliers.

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Features that streamline the procure-to-pay process

Centralized Management

Manage the payables process from invoice status and payment scheduling to funds settlement and account reconciliation.

Payment Information Verification

Verify and validate payment information, as well as collect, store and maintain supplier bank account information in-house.

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor the status of your payments as easily as tracking a package and gain real-time insight into your payment status.

Built-In Safeguards

Help safeguard proprietary and confidential information with built-in technical controls and processes.

Experience the benefits of data-rich electronic payments

Improved Decision-Making

Enable effortless reconciliation by combining electronic payment with comprehensive line-level remittance detail.

Decreased Risk

Eliminate the need to capture, collect, store and maintain supplier bank information in house.

Streamlined Process

Accelerate the procure-to-pay process through a centralized, open electronic payments platform.

New Business Potential

Explore tools that maximize your payables and working capital, as well as determine supply chain financing opportunities.

Stronger Supplier Relationships

Strengthen supplier relationships, and build loyalty through greater transparency and communication.

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