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Digital payment enablement and acceptance

Digital wallets. In-app purchases. Online transactions. People have more ways to pay than ever before. Digital payment enablement and acceptance helps to ensure a seamless checkout experience for businesses and allows card issuers to remain top of wallet with cardholders.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay has more than 12 million monthly users and enables simple, secure payments both in-store and within apps in Australia, Canada, Singapore and the U.S.1

  • 1Fast Company, 2016

Android Pay

Android Pay facilitates simple, secure mobile payments in-store and within apps for more than 5 million monthly users.1

  • 1Fast Company, 2016

Samsung Pay*

Samsung Pay allows more than 5 million monthly customers to pay using their mobile devices1—and it works with almost all existing magnetic stripe card readers.

  • *Available soon
  • 1Fast Company, 2016

Discover® Digital Exchange (DDX)

Enable simple mobile payments and tokenization to help reduce fraud, build loyalty and gain an advantage over your competition.

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