Discover® Digital Exchange (DDX)

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What is DDX?

Discover® Digital Exchange (DDX) is an integrated digital solution that enables and streamlines mobile payments. This all-in-one solution provides access to multiple mobile wallet providers and tokenization services.

DDX Comprehensive Services


Gain proprietary access to both consumer and point-of-sale devices to enable mobile transactions.


Manage payment credentials on consumer devices and enable tokenization to reduce the risk of fraud.


Validate transaction authenticity during each transaction with real-time token-to-PAN mapping.


Communicate directly with cardholders to provide real-time updates on account activity and payments.

Benefits of going mobile with Discover Network

Powerful Partnership

Allow consumers to access to multiple mobile wallets by tapping into Discover's flexibility and reach.

Competitive Advantage

Establish yourself as your customer's "go-to" card to gain a critical advantage over your competition.

Retain Cardholders

Build cardholder loyalty by offering a competitive mobile wallet solution that streamlines payments.

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